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Working along side our sister company Speq design and build (speqdesign.com)we specialize in traditional renovations and extensions of period and listed properties. We have in house designers, engineers and sustainability consultants ensuring your project is not only honest to its original character but also cutting edge when it comes to the latest technology. Primarily operating in South East Cornwall but available for consultancy throughout the Southwest.

Old buildings require old techniques, we are one of a core group of builders in the UK who have re-learned traditional techniques to ensure the breath-ability and character of your home is maintained. Combine this with our attention to detail and productivity and it is no wonder we have the waiting list that we do.


When the use of lime in buildings was widely replaced by cement


    A bit more about us…

    Primarily the Renovation Men consists of passionate, experienced tradesman relishing the opportunity to work on some of the finest houses in the country. As the the manager I look for tradesman that have a wealth of varying experience, an exceptional attention to detail and most of all a willingness to learn everyday. In my team I believe that is exactly what I have.
    As I believe will be the focus of many businesses in the coming years we are placing more and more focus on sustainability in what is I believe, a very unsustainable industry. Through in house design and engineering we are able reduce wastage and build and renovate greener homes not just important for reducing carbon emissions but also a worthwhile investment in reducing bills in the future.
    It is much harder to raise the thermal efficiency of an older house and requires expert knowledge to ensure condensation problems are not created in the process. As we a team we are frequently away on courses and taking part in discussion forums to make sure we are leading the way In this field.

    Andrew Carr
    After growing up in a family obsessed with building I had a brief foray working as a navigator at sea before coming home and following a dream of starting up my own business. I am passionate about old buildings and take great pride in restoring them sympathetically, not only because I like the look and feel of older period properties but because many modern building techniques simply do not work and will vastly shorten the life of these buildings which form an important part of this countries rich heritage.

    My position within in the company is varied to say the least. Lately I spend much of my time working closely with my wife (the engineer) on the structural engineering arm of the business whilst checking in daily with my team of exceptionally talented site managers. I am also frequently in communication with the many architects we work with, building control, the planning authority and of course you the customer.

    My aim for The Renovation Men and our partner company Speq design is to become a leader in our industry breaking new ground in the fields of sustainability, design and engineering as well as continuing to be one of Cornwall’s leading high end construction companies.

number of listed buildings and structures in Cawsand and Kingsand.


We love “old” projects

Recent projects include:

Vine Cottage Grade II listed 18th century

Sam Hancocks Grade II listed 19th century
Spindrift Grade II listed 19th century

Roslyn Early 20th century


    Project 1 – Vine Cottage Grade II listed 18th century

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Lime, Lime Lime!

So far I have harped on about our traditional techniques, unless you have already done your research you may be wondering what i’m talking about?

Primarily I am talking about our use of lime based mortar in place of the more common cement based mortar. I should state I am by no means against using cement in its rightful place. Its rightful place is not in homes that are built pre-1930’s nor in many house that were built up until the 1950’s

In the words of an industry expert…

“Quite simply Lime is the only material suitable for use in old buildings”

I could and am currently writing a book on this subject but for the purposes of this website I will just say that using cement based products in old buildings is like using diesel in a petrol car… its not what it was designed for and it does not work. In many cases people who do will get lucky but a quick google search will demonstrate many do not. For what is a nominal extra cost why take the risk? It is after all a lot cheaper to do it right the first time than it is to do the job twice.

There is plenty or great information on the use of lime on the Cornish Lime website which you can access by clicking the link. They also provide training courses which I can personally vouch for, before you ask, no I don’t have shares in them, I wish I did I spend a lot of money there!

Weight in tonnes of lime based mortar used during a 2 storey renovation.

As well our use of lime the other main reason I would describe our technique as traditional is our ethos which is to salvage not replace, all too often the easy option is often to replace tired and worn parts of your home.We have the ability and the inclination to save many of the features that other builders fail to see the importance.

When you walk into one of our renovations I do not want it to feel like a new house, yes the workmanship should be exquisite, yes it should have all the amenities of a new house and yes it should all last for another 300 years. That does not mean it all has to be replaced.





We are still awaiting many of our customers to spare the time to write us a review but feel free to ask around the village, most people will have seen and heard about the quality of our work. I have also been given permission to pass on contact details of all our previous customers in Cawsand on request to anyone who needs further reassurance.

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Renovation Men did a great job renovating our house in Cawsand. Andy and his guys were enthusiastic, thorough and a pleasure to work with. The quality of work was very good and I particularly like the fact that he was able to propose solutions to problems as they arose. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

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